I've always considered myself to be pretty darn lucky. That is until I met JP.

For the last few weeks JP has come into the radio station with scratch-off tickets and truth be told, I've never really played them. My good luck is in the cards and raffle winnings so as JP is scratching these tickets and winning, I don't really pay much attention. Except to wonder where all the scratch off fuzz goes. Then I hear it, JP exclaims he just won a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars.

I'm paying attention now. Does he win frequently? Yes he does. Where have I been?

Apparently he has been winning on scratch offs for a very long time. He plays enough to even have a few superstitions. He only buys his cards from certain stores.

With a thousand dollars in his pocket ( yep- they gave him his full winning amount) I'm more than intrigued. Now I'm reasoning, "If I'm lucky with cards and raffles SURELY I'll be lucky with scratch-offs," right? I' start plotting on how I'm going to convince JP to buy tickets for me and how I'd spend a cool grand right now.

Actually, JP is kind enough to take me with him so he can teach me a thing or two about scratch off statistics and tricks. I don't pay attention to any of it. I'm just thinking about winning the money.

THERE IS A CATCH though. Whatever I win I have to agree to pay JP 30%. My mental math is going crazy. What if I win a million dollars? I will have to give him $300,000.00. That's only $700,000.00 for me. Is it worth it?

Hahahahahahhahhahaha OMG OF COURSE IT IS! I mean we are two very lucky people about to buy a very lucky ticket. What's 30 % among friends?

At this point as we walk into the convenience store I start to feel sorry for the cashier because I already know when we win this money I'm probably going to lose my mind . Did I just envision a bit of gloating on my part? You bet I did! I hope there is enough cash in the register to cover the beautiful madness that is about to ensue!

There are so many tickets in so many colors, I'm overwhelmed by the glory of it all. I hand JP the money and let him chose. Money money money!

You now what? We didn't win anything. In fact we each spent $20 and between the two of us, we didn't win a single dime.

I'm disappointed enough that I consider charging him 30% of the $20 I lost.

Wes, our Director of Content, has a theory. he shares later. He says I didn't win because I let JP choose the tickets.

Wes also includes that it helps to use "a coin dated on the year you were born."


Determined to NEVER play again, so I don't push my luck or mess my raffle winning ju-ju up, I do decide in good fun to make a trailer about our experience, which you can watch below. I'm in the middle of editing it in the studio today and JP comes in with a new ticket in his hand and proceeds to scratch off a $50.00 win!

I couldn't even make that up. While. I. Am. Editing. This. Trailer. He. Wins. Again.


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