Sorry, Beliebers: If reports are to be believed, "Justin Bieber drugs" is about to start trending on your beloved Twitter feeds. In light of his egging fiasco, rumors have surfaced that the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer has been abusing drugs quite a bit -- especially sizzurp.

TMZ, which has been hounding Bieber pretty much forever in hopes of seeing a downward spiral, reports that Bieber's camp is begging him to go to rehab ... but like the late Amy Winehouse, he keeps saying "no, no, no."

The Canadian heartthrob has reportedly been sipping on sizzurp, which he and pals -- and a lot of other people -- call "lean." It's typically made with codeine (a prescription cough syrup and pain reliever), Jolly Ranchers, Sprite and promethazine. (Don't try this at home, kids. And if you do, well, First Amendment! We're not your parents.)

Sizzurp can cause seizures and worse. It was also a favorite of epileptic rapper and Bieber pal Lil Wayne. Coincidence?

Sources told the site that not only has Bieber been abusing the codeine cocktail, but that he's also been smoking weed a whole lot and binge drinking. The crooner is allegedly also abusing prescription pills, including Xanax. No bueno, Biebs!

Apparently the substance abuse has made Bieber's behavior so erratic that his closest circle is urging him to check into rehab. On the bright side? Sources also insist that he's at least never done cocaine. But considering the drugs he reportedly is abusing can be lethal when combined, that's only a very, very small comfort.

Here's hoping if the Justin Bieber drug allegations are true -- which we're hoping they aren't -- that he gets the help he needs to get back on the right track.

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