Justin Bieber seems totally taken with his lady love Selena Gomez and why wouldn’t he be? She’s a stunner. However, he’s 18 and she’s 19, yet the media is trying to fast track their relationship and push them into an engagement. The Biebs actually spoke about the concept of marriage to a French newspaper.

Even with media pressure and speculation, The Biebs confirmed the obvious – that he is not ready to get married. While he has embarked on an adult rite of passage by buying a home, he isn’t at the point where he wants to put a ring on anyone’s finger yet. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his GF!

“No, I’m too young” was his reply to La Parisien’s inquiry (quotes courtesy of Press Party) into his relationship with Gomez and whether or not it would go to the next level any time soon. He continued, “One day, I will get engaged, when I have found the right person in five or 10 years. It doesn’t mean Selena is not the right person though! She’s going to kill me if I say that!”

Aw, that’s what makes him a good ‘Boyfriend,’ that he clarified his statements so Gomez didn’t get her feelings hurt. Judging by the photos and how into each other they are, Sel does indeed look like “the right one” even if they aren’t betrothed yet.

The Biebs also discussed how hard it is to have a relationship in the public eye. He said, “It is not easy to be so young and to have a relationship with someone that doesn’t stay private. But, well, I am a public personality, it is what I wanted, so I have to deal with it.”

The singer has a very mature way of looking at the price and pitfalls of fame as it pertains to his relationship.

Selena Gomez is one lucky gal.