Happy Early Mother’s Day, courtesy of Justin Bieber. The singer will drop the new song ‘Turn to You,’ which was inspired by his lovely mother Pattie Mallette, tomorrow (May 11.)

The Biebs tweeted that he would be sharing the song sometime this week and has now confirmed that it’s coming out on Friday. All the Beliebers can nab it, memorize the lyrics and then sing it to and share it with their own moms on Sunday. Sounds like a plan.

Below is The Biebs tweet about his mom-specific track. He declares that it’s for “all the single moms out there.” Mallette raised The Biebs on her own, and look how he turned out. It’s certainly a testament to the fact that there is nothing a solo mom can’t do.

Anyone out there plan to immediately download and crank ‘Turn to You?’ Remember, it’s for a good cause, as The Biebs is donating proceeds to charity, which is even more reason to grab it.