Katy Perry has dyed her hair several shades of the rainbow, and some of these hues are not found in nature. She has colored her locks at least a half dozen times this year, going from blue to pink to purple. All that processing and stripping of color can do a number on strands, making them dull, lifeless, brittle and dry. However, Perry’s black locks are lush, luxe and shiny in her new ads for hair tool/product brand GHD.

Perry has been repping GHD for a bit and the new print ads are simple and shot in black and white, featuring the singer (and reported new GF of John Mayer) playing chess and generally looking like a hair model. There’s also an aura of sophistication to the images, since we’re used to seeing Perry in candy-colored and shaped outfits. We’ve gotta say that the result is stunning. She’s a grown up.

“It’s a pleasure working with Katy,” stylist Danilo, who created her face-framing styles, featuring wavy locks and a beautiful side ponytail for the ads, said in a statement (quotes courtesy of Fashion, Etc). “She’s a young, vibrant artist who is really OK about being confident and seeing herself in different ways— extreme, vulnerable, kooky, sexy, expensive-looking but playful. She’s a beautiful woman so it’s inspirational.”

Danilo really nailed the essence of Katy Perry. Here, she’s traded kooky for subtle, sleek and sexy glam. An earlier campaign saw the singer as a mermaid, which was more in keeping with her onstage style and persona.

There are so many sides to Katy Perry and these new GHD shots display one of our faves.

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