Here's a feel-good, heartwarming story that ups actor Kellan Lutz (who, BTW, is not dating our girl Miley Cyrus) to husband material. He helped earn $200,000 for a local dog shelter while filming in Bulgaria.

Upon seeing abandoned pooches wandering the streets of Sofia, where there are no regulations in place about how locals are to care for their pets, animal lover Lutz knew he had to do something.

So he drafted the cast and crew of his film 'The Legend of Hercules' to help his efforts to aid the canines while they shot the film in the country last year. We lurve that he sprang into action.

Lutz said, "There [are] no laws [in Bulgaria] against what you do with your pets so a lot of people get dogs and... there's strays everywhere and it breaks my heart how un-taken care of they are and there's this amazing organization that would rescue the dogs."

The dog shelter he spoke of is a no-kill facility and the cast did its part to support it.

Lutz said, "They hold 500 dogs in this small facility and they don't euthanize. So Renny [Harlin, director] and Gaia [Weiss, co-star] and all of the cast from 'Hercules,' we decided to help out and we'd go there on our off days and walk the dogs. We even named one Hercules, and someone in Dublin, I believe, bought Hercules from them. We also raised over $200,000 for this place."

Nice work, Lutz and co.

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