The Kesha rehab saga keeps getting more and more twisted. Hot on the heels of the singer checking into Timberline Knolls for an eating disorder, her mother, Pebe Sebert, signed into the facilities as well.

K-Dollar Sign checked herself into treatment for bulimia, and a media firestorm ensued. Her longtime label head, Dr. Luke, was fingered with blame for triggering her eating disorder by saying she looked like a "f---ing refrigerator" on the set of her 'Die Young' video. (In actuality, she looked beautiful, so if that rumor is true -- and he denies it -- he may need some help of his own.)

While Sebert supports the "Dr. Luke Is Evil" theory, she admits that it took more than one alleged comment to set Kesha off. She also said an advisor -- not Luke himself -- "advised" Kesha to drop 15 pounds in a month, no matter what it took, including drugs or bulimia, to get there.

Sebert noted that career pressures also drove Kesha over the edge. “If she needs to stay longer than 30 days, she will. She’s trying to get her career back,” Sebert said. “She wants to do the music she cares about … the music she wants to do. ‘Tik Tok’ was really her. But she was like 20 and now she’s almost 27 and over it." She added, “She doesn’t want to be forced to make stupid pop music. Who knows, maybe she’ll do blue grass. Whatever she wants to do! She should have the right to choose. The people she’s working with don’t even want her opinion.”

But Sebert also says now that a bad breakup may have sent her daughter spiraling as well. The '$leazy' songstress was dating music video director Darren Craig on the low, and their split hit her hard. “It was the comment about the refrigerator that happened around the same time Darren and Kesha broke up. Things did get worse after the breakup though,” Sebert told RadarOnline. “That’s when she started really looking thin. I remember the costume girl would go, ‘Oh my god, this costume is getting really big!’ And she’d just say she was dancing a lot. She’d already gotten really thin before the breakup, but I think that further really messed with her trust.”

(For his part, Luke's rep released a statement saying, “These statements and allegations concerning Dr. Luke are completely false. It is unfortunate that at a time Kesha is suffering immensely and trying to heal at a treatment center, her mother is taking this approach with the media. I give Kesha my utmost support and well wishes for a quick return to health.”)

After the myriad press interviews Sebert gave, PEOPLE reports she checked herself into Timberline Knolls for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sebert, an open former addict who took Kesha with her to AA meetings with her during her own recovery, says that the eating disorder drama is getting to her.

"This whole Dr. Luke thing has almost torn our family apart and taken over my life, and Kesha wants me to heal along with her," Sebert vented. "I'm checking myself into Timberline Knolls today for post-traumatic stress disorder, at Kesha's urging."

Here's hoping everyone involved gets the help they need to move forward in a healthy, happy way.

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