Christina Sander, a Danish tourist, recently visited Boston. Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey, renowned 'House of Cards' actor, was taking a jog in the city -- and the result of the two crossing paths has gone viral.

Sander was posing for a photo in front of the George Washington monument at the Public Garden when she realized someone was running directly towards her.

"As he [came] closer, I realized it was Kevin Spacey. He stopped right next to me, posed and yelled 'This is a photobomb!'” Sander told Boston Magazine. "And then he just jogged on, looking back 10 meters down the road and [waving] at me."

After the pic was uploaded to Reddit by a friend, it went viral in hours, taking Sander by surprise. "I must say the whole viral thing, seeing the photo everywhere online, is almost as unreal as the experience itself," she said.

"But I think it’s really funny and after all the things that have happened in Boston recently, I’m happy that this photo could create a bit of joy."

But if you believe this is a one-off for Spacey, think again. He was also snapped at the Vanity Fair-Bloomberg post-White House Correspondents' Dinner party last weekend doing the same thing -- this time to Conan O'Brien and Matthew Perry.

It's clear that Spacey is positioning himself as the king of celeb photobombers. Your move, Norman Reedus.

Matthew Perry, Kevin Spacey, Conan O'Brien

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