Stoney Patch Kids Incident

Snack time will never be the same. Last Thursday started out rough for students at a middle school in Florida. A couple of students at Bellview Middle School in Florida were given Sour Patch candies laced with THC. The look-a-like candies were label Stoney Patch and looked almost the exact same as the regular Sour Patch Kids fun-size candy. Ladeidra Williams, a parent of one of the students who ate some of the edibles, spoke to ABC 3 News about the situation.

Smokesfatdoinks 707 via YouTube

Williams said her son called her and informed her he ate candy and felt weird; she instructed him to see the nurse, and soon after, Willams was called and told her son needed to be taken to the hospital. Willams said the student who gave him the candy did not tell him it was an edible.

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But that begs the question, what would you do? Yes, THC edibles are illegal in Texas, but we have perfectly legal CBD edibles that are known to cause similar side effects. According to Natures Arc Organics, CBD edibles do, in fact, produce side effects. Some of the side effects are similar to THC edibles.

Side Effects of CBD Edibles

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A few side effects could occur depending on a person's tolerance, and the amount of CBD ingested. Lightheadedness, dry mouth, drowsiness, changes in appetite(munchies, anyone?), and even diarrhea are the main ones.

Accidents Happen, Right?

To be clear, these side effects are typically minimal and do not last very long. However, how would you feel if you sent your child to school and they called you feeling funny after eating some edibles? Or worse, your daycare handed out the wrong packets for Valentine's Day!

Photo by Nagesh Badu on Unsplash
Photo by Nagesh Badu on Unsplash

Accidents could happen, and the treats could just get mixed up. The packaging for the products is erringly similar, and it would just take a second to lose focus and grab the wrong package.

My Own Edible Mishap

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

I just had an experience this weekend with some edible mishaps. There were some high-dose CBD caramel treats on a dresser, and I only stepped on briefly, but my poor ol' Zeus got a little curious and thought he needed a snack. Luckily, he only ate one treat, but it was enough to have my 70lb dog OUT. He ate the entire treat, wrapper and all, leaving no evidence behind. Well, no evidence except some pretty intense and obvious side effects. He was dead weight; that boy would not budge; I'd open his eyes, and you just knew, he was gone in another land.

Quick Trip To Another Land

To be clear, Mr.Zues is a fan of CBD; he has his own doggy CBD treats that he eats to help calm his separation anxiety, and they work alright, I guess, but the humans one worked a lot better...Let me point out I do not recommend giving your dog human CBD treats because who knows what ingredients in the candy could interact with your four-legged friend, but luckily Zeus got off easy this time; he just had a long hard nap and went off to another world for a while.

Photo Credit: Smokesfatdoinks 707 via YouTube

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