Welfare Check Request

On March 29, 2022, just ten minutes after 5 pm a welfare check was requested in New Boston, Texas. Local Police Officers arrived at the location and were able to speak with David McMichael, the father of the subject they were checking in on.

Surprisingly Honest

New Boston Officers questioned McMichaelupon arrival. Officers asked if the man knew why there were there and he responded, "Because of the body in the kitchen." The officers requested entry into his home and McMichaels obliged.

Search and Discovery

Officers made their way inside and began a quick scan of the home. Soon enough, skeletal remains were found in the kitchen of the McMichaels home, just as he mentioned.

Whose Skeltonal Remains Are They?

McMichaels admitted the skeletal remains were of his son, Jason McMichael who had died in May of 2018. McMichaels had been living with his son's remains for nearly 4 years.

Crime Scene

Officers quickly placed handcuffs on David McMichael, he was arrested without any issues. A search warrant was obtained and the Texarkana Crime Scene Unit promptly came in to examine and process the incident.

Autopsy Results

It was soon determined the skeleton was from the body of a male. The Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas is currently completing an autopsy of the body to confirm it is Jason McMichael. David McMichael is currently booked and charged with Abuse of a Corpse.

Unclear Conclusion

It is not yet clear why McMichaels kept a dead body in his kitchen and how the victim died.

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