Lady Gaga‘s going hard for more commercial success with her latest single, ‘Marry the Night’ — the chart-topping superstar is slashing prices on the digital single on Amazon to a ridiculously low $0.49. This news follows Gaga and Amazon’s headline-grabbing move earlier this year to reduce sales of her album ‘Born This Way’ to $0.99 upon its release — a move so controversial (and successful!) that it prompted Billboard to change their rules about whether low-priced albums should be chart-eligible.

Gaga’s partnering with Amazon yet again for the single-promoting initiative, although it remains to be seen whether this will be as effective as her ‘Born This Way’ promotion — that album has now shipped over 8 million copies. Gaga was also crowned Forbes’ top-earning woman in the music industry, raking in over $90 million this year, so clearly she’s doing something right. But ‘Judas’ and ‘You and I’ both failed to top the Hot 100, as so many of her past singles have, so we understand why she’s feeling inspired to try to get ‘Marry the Night’ to the top of the charts. At this point, though, we’d love to see her hone in on the music, rather than crazy, bargain-basement prices that reduce the value of her music in the public eye.

Whether or not ‘Marry the Night’ hits #1, though — we’ll always have that epic video!