Happy anniversary to skinny dipping couple Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney. While Gaga has been sharing photos of herself and “T” on her LittleMonsters.com social networking site, she has not discussed him in detail with the media.

BTW, she also shared a new ‘ARTPOP’ related photo on her site, which is to the left. But more on that in a sec.

Back to the celebration! The pop star and her actor BF were spotted enjoying some delish eats while commemorating their first anniversary at Spiaggia in Chicago on Sunday, Aug. 5. Remember, Gaga met T on the set of her video for ‘You & I,’ in which he is her co-star.

Gaga, Kinney and four friends dined on oysters and caviar to celebrate a year of togetherness, according to The New York Post.

Kinney, formerly of ‘Vampire Diaries,’ is stationed in the Windy City while he films the new NBC drama ‘Chicago Fire.’ The Mother Monster has visited him on set more than once, likely to the delight of his co-stars.

Happy anniversary to the couple! They are so freakin’ cute.

Now, as for that ‘ARTPOP’ photo? Gaga shared an image on LittleMonsters — not another of her and “T” but of some lyrical, poetic words about her new album/project ‘ARTPOP.’ It’s cryptic but it’s also compelling. It makes us more and more curious about ‘ARTPOP.’ Remember, she told us it’s one word and all caps!

Could it be lyrics? Could it be the overarching theme of the record? It’s anyone’s guess. What do you think, PopCrushers?

Watch the Lady Gaga ‘You & I’ Video

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