What are your expectations for erstwhile Fifth Harmony star Lauren Jauregui's solo career? Welp, you'll be able to make your judgments soon enough.

Jauregui, who's been slowly hinting at her standalone sound, announced on Twitter very late Monday night (October 1) that she's got a new studio track on the way called "Expectations," and fans will be able to get their hands on it sooner than later.

"10.12.18," Jauregui captioned the apparent preview above, which finds black and white imagery manifesting over what seems to be a slightly muted version of the track.

And fans went absolutely wild over the announcement.

"Honestly so proud of you. Y’all better prepare. I gotta prepare. Like. Holy s---," one wrote, while another noted "I literally cried when i saw this post on instagram. oh my gawdddd im so excitedddd im going to cry againnnn."

And while "Expectations" will signal Jauregui's first official solo single, she's given small glimpses into her potential as a standalone act. She teamed up with Steve Aoki for the release of "All Night" earlier this year and also previewed three new tracks (one was "Expectations") during a performance along Halsey's tour.

That all considered, Jauregui said in an interview in September with Coup de Main that she's not in a rush to release her first solo album, though she has a "whole ass arsenal" of songs written.

"I've had a lot of sessions," she said. "I'm just vibing out and seeing what comes to me, and just going with it. And at the end of it all, when I feel like I'm done and I've gotten enough s--t out and I'm starting to get repetitive, then I'll start piecing together the album and seeing where it all lies."

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