It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Crossroads, and it feels a lot more like it too! At least for the moment.

Tonight the National Weather Center has predicted a possible light freeze in Victoria County later tonight as we dip into the lower '30's this evening before climbing back up to the '60s by tomorrow morning.

Okay, it's beginning to look a lot like a weather yo-yo in the Crossroads!

Photo Courtesy of US National Weather Service/ Facebook
Photo Courtesy of US National Weather Service/ Facebook

It's Wednesday and we've got a possible light freeze tonight, the '60s predicted for a high tomorrow, back down to '40s Thursday night, and then back up into the '70s for Friday and Saturday, the warmest it's been during the day this week!

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You know what they say about Texas weather right?

"Texas has 2 seasons, Summer and Winter, and they usually alternate days in the same week!"

Case in point- our weather this week! Next week looks about the same too!

Or how about... " If you don't like Texas weather, give it ten minutes!"

Or what about the one with the groundhog?

" Six months of Winter, USA, except for you Texas... your weather does its own thing!"


Jokes about texas weather abound but with even the slightest possibility of a light freeze tonight, here is your friendly reminder to protect your pipes, bring in your pets, and cover your plants, regardless of how short our 'light freeze' might last.

It's Texas weather y'all. You just never know! 

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