It looks as if Lil Wayne can’t skateboard in public without being bothered. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, the rapper got into a heated argument with a photographer last week in Miami and Weezy’s friends allegedly intervened with their fists.

Apparently, the photographer spotted Wayne skateboarding at the Miami Beach Community Church beside a “No Skateboarding” zone and decided to snap some photos. He later continued taking pictures while following Tunechi and his crew, who were leaving the area after it started to rain. Wayne got fed up with the man’s intrusion and allegedly ordered his friends to take his camera.

The shutterbug then claims the rapper’s eight-man crew pushed him to the ground and spat on him, while another person smashed his bike with a skateboard. The man was able to escape and went to the Miami Beach Police Station where he later filed a report.

Lil Wayne’s camp had no comment on the incident.

We all know that Tunechi has a passion for skateboarding, but he might want to do his tricks at the crib since he has a half-pipe ramp on his roof.

Watch Lil Wayne’s Confrontation With Photographer

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