Being on top of the world is sometimes pretty good. Just ask Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter and producer Calvin Harris — a guy who deservingly seems to be everywhere today — and American R&B singer, songwriter and producer Ne-Yo. The duo’s tune titled ‘Let’s Go ‘has been a hit all over the Internet and music scene as of late. However, now it’s been reintroduced as a remix by the one and only Cash Cash.

While the original song held a fantastic beat combined with a guitar and a bass line that undoubtedly would make the club scene go wild, the remix has that little extra push that crosses the line between having a great night and a incredibly unforgettable one. You know the kind, the one to write home about.

Being more than just a remix, it seems that Cash Cash are able to distinguish themselves from other remix artists by adding in their own sound, something that helps now and will continue to do so we’re sure. Their beats are on par with the ever-infectious Harris’ own — no small feat when you consider that Harris is the driving force behind Rihanna‘s massive hit ‘We Found Love.’

Quickly building a fan base with their sythpop and powerpop-like tunes, Cash Cash is a band whose career is certainly on the up and up. If you dig this sound, the band’s new album ‘The Beat Goes On’ will be released worldwide on June 13.

Listen To Calvin Harris feat. Ne Yo ‘Lets Go’ (Cash Cash Remix)

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