Calling All-American Rejects fans! You joined our Twitter chat with Nick Wheeler of AAR today (Aug. 30 3PM ET) and asked your questions. Now we have the entire transcription!  

Wheeler took time to answer fan questions, as well as answering our questions about their upcoming co-tour with with Boys Like Girls and their mascot Dexter. We found out what the band’s favorite song is to perform live, who their dog Dexter loves the most (gurls, duh), and what Wheeler’s go-to song on the acoustic guitar is. He also told us about the time AAR impersonated another band… on accident. Wait…what? Check out the interview below! Also, be sure to follow @therejects and @PopCrush on Twitter.

@popcrush: How did the co-tour with @BoysLikeGirls come about?

@therejects: We took those guys out 6 yrs ago on our Tournado in support of “Move Along”. We were lookin’ for a fun package to put together…..not just for us, but for our fans as well. Should be a great fall, and magnificent show!

@popcrush: Who’s going on first — you guys or @BoysLikeGirls?

@therejects: it depends on which show you’re going to. it’s a co-headline bill though, so we’ll both be playing an equal amount of time.

@popcrush: What are you looking forward to the most about the co-tour?

@therejects: this is the tour we’ve been looking fwd to since “kids in the street” came out. stoked to play a LOT of tunes for y’all!

@marsreject: what breed is Dexter?

@therejects: he’s a boston terrier mix…maybe with a beagle?

@MOmer23: Does Dexter like meeting fans?

@therejects: yup…’specially the ladies.

@popcrush: What is your favorite song to perform live?

@therejects: right now it’s what will be our next single, “Heartbeat Slowing Down”…not just a promotional answer either ; )

@CharlotteRamsa1: Whats your favourite song to play acoustic?

@therejects: just worked up “Walk Over Me” acoustic…always fun to transpose to a different key and feel.

@iShipStylinson: do you meet fans before or after the shows?

@therejects: as much as possible…soundcheck parties are fun, too, cuz we play songs that aren’t in the set that night.

@celina3p0: do you like to prank/mess with people who don’t know who you guys are?

@therejects: the other night when we went out to eat they thought we were mumford & sons, so we went with it. aren’t they british?

@gagasmonsterpaw: Gonzo is like a cult favorite in AARmy, will there ever be a video for it?

@therejects: we keep saying that we’ll eventually make a video for every song on KITS

@CorrynBernelle: whats the first thing you do when you get home from touring?

@therejects: i’m a complusive unpacker…in hotels, and at home. can’t settle in until i’m all unpacked. also laundry at home

@therejects: alright you guys…thanks for all the questions…that was fun! gotta house this breakfast so i can soundcheck. see y’all soon…

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