Time to catch ‘M.D.N.A’ fever. A new teaser from Madonna‘s next album has been released and it’s about 40 seconds of fun. Seriously. Madonna let her hair down and danced with M.I.A. as they recorded a few months ago.

Here’s the scene: It’s New York City, November 2011. Madge, M.I.A. and producer Martin Solveig are working hard. Madge looks serious, with her guitar and glasses, barking out orders in her “Madge-is-the-boss” way. Okay, so she’s not barking orders out. She’s making suggestions for the song on her record. But they don’t feel like suggestions. They feel like directives! But then again, it’s Madonna’s record and she’ll do what she likes with the bridges of her songs.

Then there’s M.I.A. and Madge dancing … Like cheerleaders while M.I.A. cuts vocals. They’re having fun, which is a fresh change of pace, since the Material Girl and first-time director been ultra serious lately, dropping words like “reductive” when talking about Lady Gaga during her ‘W.E.’ press tour. Rapper M.I.A. is always lighting fires and saying inflammatory things, so to see her crack a smile and dance was also a great change of pace.

Watch Madonna + M.I.A. in ‘M.D.N.A.’ Teaser