A young malnourished Houston boy horrifically died early Monday morning.


Residents inside the Valencia Grove apartments in southeast Houston woke up early Monday morning to a mother screaming 

for help. Around 5 am a mother began screaming for help before rushing to her 9-year-old son's lifeless body.

Neighbors heard the screams and rushed to help. One neighbor began performing CPR until firefighters arrived and took over. The body was rushed to the hospital but sadly pronounced dead just one hour later. However, investigators noticed a few strange details.


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HPD Asst. Chief Chandra Hatcher was on the scene describing the situation. Hatcher noted, "The 9-year-old was extremely thin, his stomach was sunk in." She also mentioned there were two other children in the apartment who also appeared malnourished.

Another interesting part comes from a comment made by residents in the apartment complex. Neighbors informed police that they'd seen the children asking for food around the apartment complex. Police did confirm there was food inside the home and fridge when they arrived. 

The mother informed police that her son had a recent medical condition as well as a long-term medical condition, however, investigators do not know if those conditions played a role in the boy's sudden death however, they have not ruled out foul play yet. 

According to Hatcher, the mother appeared distraught. They will continue investigating the situation to determine whether this will turn into a criminal case. CPS has also been contacted and joined the case. 

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