Be careful when you go to the bank because thieves are watching. According to KHOU, Raed Karaja said he thinks he was targeted after robbers saw a thick envelope of cash he was given when he left a Capital One Bank in Houston. Karaja said he went to the bank to cash a cashier’s check he was given after selling a car. It was for $10,000. The bank teller gave Karaja all $20 in a bright yellow envelope and he walked out of the bank.

.A short time later he drove a few miles away to visit a friend at his auto shop. Surveillance video showed what happened next: someone got out of a silver Toyota Corolla and ran over to Karaja’s vehicle. The man opened the door and grabbed the envelope. Then, the thief jumped back into the getaway car. Karaja said the cash was going to pay his $7,000 property tax bill. We are thankful that this man was not injured and was able to return home to his five kids.


At the bank, look for cars that seem to be sitting “in wait.” They may be backed into a parking space or have people just sitting inside the car.

Don’t walk out of the bank holding in plain sight a zippered bank bag or the telltale white envelope that tellers put cash in when you make a withdrawal.


  1. Limit distractions – don’t talk on the phone or text at the bank. Stay aware of your surroundings and the people around you.
  2. Don’t leave your unattended car unlocked or motor running even if you are just quickly getting cash from a walk-up ATM.
  3. Don’t count your money where others can see you.
  4. Have everything ready to go before you arrive at the bank so you can move through quickly and aren’t distracted by filling out forms or adding up checks.


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