Mallary Snodgrass got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend Will Staney took her to a Foster the People concert in Austin on Tuesday. She thought Staney was able to score backstage passes from a friend, but it turns out he planned the whole thing with the band so that he could propose center stage in front of an audience of thousands. And the whole thing started with a tweet.

Being that he works in social media, Staney decided to send a message to Foster the People through Twitter asking for the band’s help in this endeavor.

@fosterthepeople Mark, I want to propose to my girlfriend at your concert in Austin on Tuesday. Will you help?

What was even more awesome was that Foster the People actually responded and worked it out so that Staney could propose right after they performed his and Snodgrass’ favorite song. (Aw!) Now let’s see if the band will perform at their wedding.

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