Well, another Sunday, another loss for the Houston Texans. It was a close enough game only losing by 3 points and the Texans had a chance to at least tie it up near the end but, quarterback Deshaun Watson spent too much time running around trying to make something happen, and ultimately had no time left to benefit from a completed pass.

With 17 seconds on the clock and no timeouts, the Texans could only complete a pass to the middle of the field and time expired before they could get close enough for a game tying field goal. Speaking after the game, Watson admitted his mistake, while coach Bill O'Brien said they need to do a better job of coaching that play up.

That makes two weeks in a row that decisions were made that might have been attributed to bad coaching decisions, like not calling a timeout last week so officials could review a questionable catch by the New England Patriots.

Either way, it is what it is. We hopefully learn from those mistakes and move on. It is only the second game of the season.

On the plus side, the Texans were in both games until the end so, that says something about the defense, even though they do look anemic at times.

This Sunday, they play their first home game against the New York Giants, who were spanked by the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, Eli Manning was sacked something like six times. So, I figure we've got that going for us.

I'm an optimist. What can I say?

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