It's a New Year and Moody Gardens is excited to show off their newest member of the team who hatched on New Year's Day back in the South Atlantic exhibit at the Aquarium Pyramid.

It's a baby King Penguin! In just over two weeks the little fella has grown more than 3 times his original size. Born at 192 grams it now weighs 558 grams after two-plus weeks. The baby King Penguin will be ready to feed and swim on its own after about 10 months. The experts at Moody Gardens say it will take about two years before it is fully grown.

The proud parents Astro and Watson have been at Moody Gardens for a while now. Astro was hatched on-site back in 2018, and Watson is an original Moody Gardens King Penguin who has found as an egg back in 1998.

Second, only to Emperor Penguins, the Kings are the second largest and known for the bright orange color that develops under their beak and yellow feathers around their head and chest. You can see these King Penguins from anywhere with the webcams that are active at

If you have never been inside the Aquarium Pyramid this is the year to go. If you have little kids who like penguins you have been missing out this whole time! King Penguins plus 5 other species all share space inside the pyramid, right next to sting rays, sharks, seals, sea lions, and hundreds of types of fish!

You can call 409-744-4673 to book your trip or get more information about visiting Moody Gardens! Keep listening for your chance to win tickets throughout the season right here with our radio station!


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