Most Victorians have become custom to seeing these 'mysterious' statues on the side of Loop 463. However, people are just discovering these statues on social media. TikTok user, googlethecurious, posts videos of coordinates that lead to 'creepy's sites around the world.   He has accumulated 345 K + followers and millions of people watch his videos.

Googlethecurious posted this video to TikTok on July 12th, 2022 with the video caption: "Easter Island statue's witness protection location." The video has been viewed over 2.7 million times and people from Victoria have already responded in the comments.   The music in the video just adds to the creepiness. Check out the video below...

@googlethecurious Easter Island statue’s witness protection location 😂 #googlethecurious#wtf#texas#wtftexas#googleearth#easterisland#weird#verycurious#funny#comedy#hilarious#fyp#tiktok ♬ Horror, suspense strange sound - DN.FACTORY

Many Victorians still don't know why or when they were moved to the Loop. Last year, my co-host, Ingra, called Jung Tile to ask if they had details, which they didn't. She was told on the phone that the statues just showed up one day.  You can still see one of those statues standing today in Riverside park. With all the new development coming to the Loop in Victora, will these statues stand the test of time?

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The Boot Barn and Burlington Coat Factory will be moving into the new Victoria Town Center that will be located on Loop 463.  The Boot Barn is slated to open by the end of this year. Burlington Coat Factory will open up early next year(2023). I personally believe the next development boom will be along the feeder roads of 463.

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