Make 2020 the year you start crushing it at work by getting started doing something you love! Something that helps you make great money. A job that helps you reach your goals in life!

Right here in the Crossroads, there is a chance to get started with a career in a number of well-paying industries like electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, millwright, pipefitting, plumbing, power line worker, scaffolding, and welding.

I know, I know. You may be thinking you are gonna have to drive to Houston or San Antonio to get started down that road. Who around here can give you the training and certification you need to get started in these successful fields? Victoria College!

Victoria College issued a press release this week to remind residents of south Texas about their Introductory Craft Skills class over at the Industrial Training Center at the Emerging Technology Complex. You'll come out of this class NCCER certified (Level 1). You don't need a lick of previous experience to get started either.

Just reach out to Victoria College’s Workforce & Continuing Education Department at (361) 582-2528, or email

You can use this course to jump right into basic safety, construction math, hand tools, power tools, blueprints, rigging, and the kind of skills that make you employable in a number of trades. It's another reason we appreciate our friends over at VC. Check em out! Tomorrow is a great day to get started. Check out Terry's story below on how Victoria College helped him get started in another great career. You could be next!

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