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Self-Isolate and Set Up 'Netflix Party' With Your Friends

Did you know that Netflix has a feature that lets you simultaneously binge-watch shows and movies with your friends? This is excellent news for those who are homebound during the coronavirus crisis who want to practice social distancing but still be social. The feature is called Netflix Party and it's been around for some years, but it recently received an update that added seven extra servers. Here's how to install:

• Download the Google Chrome extension
• One person chooses the program or title to stream
• That person then sends a link to their friends (who must also have the extension), inviting them to watch the program at the same time
• You can also type messages to one another while watching

10 Ways to Coexist With Your Partner in Quarantine

While many are lonely right now being stuck in the house during the coronavirus outbreak, others are cooped up with their partners—and that can get draining after a while. If you're having a hard time coexisting 24/7 with your partner, Dr. Phil recommends a few tips: be tidy, be honest and be flexible. Check out more of his insights at TMZ.

Amazon Is Hiring Right Now!

Good news! Amazon plans on hiring an additional 100,000 employees, and they're encouraging people who lost their jobs during the coronavirus crisis to apply. They're looking to add extra full-time and part-time positions for warehouse and delivery workers. Through the end of April, the company will reportedly raise pay for these employees by $2/hour. (via CNBC)

Sports Gamblers Turn to Betting on Weather Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Since gamblers have no sports to bet on, they're betting on the weather! Bovada is one of the country's leading online sportsbooks and they told TMZ that since all professional sporting events, games and seasons have been canceled or postponed, their customers are petting on the weather through their "Weather Betting" channel. (via TMZ)

Manchester Bomber's Brother Found Guilty of 22 Murders

The brother of the man who set off an explosion at Ariana Grande's Manchester Arena concert back in 2017 has been found guilty of 22 murders. Hashem Abedib was found guilty of the murders as well as attempted murder and conspiring to cause explosions. Even though he denied any involvement in the bombing and was not present the day of, evidence was presented in court that showed he was involved in the research, experimentation and making of the explosives. (via TMZ)

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