Let's start off the week with some Tom Cruise, action and an evil force ready to take over the world. That's what the latest trailer for The Mummy aims to do. Initially screening at CinenaCon last week, not only do we see more of what Tom's role, Nick Morton, is in the film but also where the title character, Ahmanet, came from. According to the trailer, Ahmanet was meant to be the next queen of Egypt but evil forces took over. After killing someone, she was sentenced to mummification and buried alive. Fast-forward to the future and Tom uncovers her sarcophagus, letting the evil run free. And now, he's on a mission to make sure she doesn't take over London and then the world.

After first trailer for The Mummy went though some technical difficulties, this one does exactly what it was intended to do and maybe make us have more hope in this remake compared to its 90s original.

The Mummy is set to hit theaters on June 9.

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