With ‘Push and Shove’ set for arrival on Sept. 25, No Doubt have finally unveiled the complete track list for their super highly-anticipated sixth studio album via the band’s official website

Aside from the opening track/already released single ‘Settle Down,’ the 11-track LP boasts plenty of one-word song titles like ‘Easy,’ ‘Undercover’ and ‘Undone.’ It also seems that, based on song titles alone, Gwen, Tony, Adrian and Tom were inspired by out-of-body/otherworldly themes, with tracks like ‘Gravity,’ ‘Sparkle,’ ‘Heaven,’ and ‘Dreaming the Same Dream’ making appearances on ‘Push and Shove.’

The title track is the only collaborative song on the album, with No Doubt hooking up with Major Lazer — aka Diplo and Switch, the men behind the beat of Beyonce‘s ‘Run the World (Girls)’ — and dancehall reggae artist Busy Signal for ‘Push and Shove.’ The quartet’s sound has always meshed well with reggae influences, and with Major Lazer’s electronic sensibilities coming into play, it’ll definitely make for interesting listen.

Check out the track list to ‘Push and Shove’ below, which marks No Doubt’s first full-length release since 2001′s ‘Rock Steady’ (although they did release a greatest hits compilation back in 2003). Which track are most looking forward to hearing? Let us know in the comments.

No Doubt’s ‘Push and Shove’ Track List:

1. ‘Settle Down’

2. ‘Looking Hot’

3. ‘One More Summer’

4. ‘Push And Shove’ Feat. Busy Signal and Major Lazer

5. ‘Easy’

6. ‘Gravity’

7. ‘Undercover’

8. ‘Undone’

9. ‘Sparkle’

10. ‘Heaven’

11. ‘Dreaming the Same Dream’

Watch the No Doubt ‘Settle Down’ Video

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