This past weekend a party boat in Conroe, Texas created quite a scene. Saturday night, around 8 pm, 911 started receiving multiple calls in Conroe about a boat that had flipped over.

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This wasn't just any boat, it was the Lake Conroe Queen which is a massive 60 passenger, double-deck sternwheeler paddleboat. According to Visit Conroe, The Lake Conroe Queen was built in 1986 and has traveled to Indiana, Colorado, and Louisiana with Captain Dale providing tours and private parties in each location!

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This weekend a party of 53 passengers boarded the fun paddleboat ready for a fun ride. However, during the boat ride, a severe thunderstorm emerged. Around 8 pm, the boat capsized putting the passengers in a very dangerous situation. The severe thunderstorm is the likely culprit of this disaster however Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough mentioned, "While the weather is thought to be the cause of the capsizing, the exact cause has not been determined and the entire incident is under investigation."

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The water filled with diesel as passengers were flung into the lake. Nearby residents witnessed the turn of events and swiftly sprung into action. According to Keough "the residents of Regency Point stepped up immediately to help their fellow man in a crisis and began rescuing people despite the dangers to themselves."

Out of 53 passengers, two were sent to the hospital. One is in stable condition while 82-year-old Karl Katzenberger was transported in critical condition; he was later pronounced dead. This disaster could have been so much more deadly if it weren't for the fast-acting Texans who put their life before others.

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