Considering the Wanted recently said that their feud with One Direction was predominantly press-generated, both bands have some 'splaining to do. 1D's Zayn Malik got into a childish Twitter war with the Wanted singers Tom Parker and Max George.

Zayn arguably started this one. When Max posted a photo of himself with Usher on Nov. 20, Zayn replied calling him a geek. (We don't know many geeks that party with Ursh, Zayn. Just saying!) Max replied to Zayn, writing, "that's right gorgeous!" Max followed up with a tweet saying, "No dramas peeps its all just flirting! Haha."

Not content to let it go, Zayn posted, "Clearly some people are not very familiar with flirting :)." To be fair to Max, this playground stuff is usually used by boys trying to get girls' attention in the sandbox, so perhaps they just have different ideas behind it. (For the record, Max also said Louis Tomlinson was flirting with them when he addressed the feud in an interview of his own. Self-flattery, perhaps?)

Zayn then told Max, "the first step is acceptance #geekoftheweek." Max replied, "@zaynmalik does that mean I'm 'in'?" Zayn retorted, "@MaxTheWanted I'm not sure why your still talking to me mate conversation ended when I called you a geek." Is it just us or are the rest of you guys also unimpressed with these burns? None would even require any aloe, let alone five alarms, but whatever.

The banter continued with Max telling Zayn, "That's not very nice. I was just starting to like you and your RnB hits." Zayn then replied, "Your display just how's [sic] how much of a wannabe you are." That one probably stung a little, because the Wanted have been struggling to maintain their presence stateside with 'I Found You,' which hasn't charted nearly as well as 'Glad You Came,' lagging behind 1D's massive, rapid-growing success.

Tom then chimed in, writing, "I think '1 stripes' got his knickers in a twist bro." Louis Tomlinson, who's been arguably the most vocal about the feud between the two British boy bands, quickly replied to Tom, writing, "Pipe down bad boy." Tom wrote back with a sarcastic apology, "Sorry 'sass master.'"

Zayn then wrote back to Tom's comment about his "stripe" (this is exhausting, but bear with us), "Mate if I had a face like yours my hair would be the last thing I'd worry about." Oooh, burn!

Tom then posted a photo of Zayn's 'Take Me Home' cover, writing, "'Bradford Bad Boi.'" Zayn then brought up the musical talents in the Wanted, replying, "Let's not even start discussing vocal ability boys. Would love to chat, gotta run though, rehearsals."

Then Max replied to Zayn with one last low blow: "Enjoy rehearsals. Stay off the bud ... it clearly makes you cranky." If you recall, one of the reasons Zayn left Twitter briefly was due to rumors not just of cheating on girlfriend Perrie Edwards, but because of people accusing him of using marijuana.

Mamma mia!  The worst part of all of this (aside from dividing fans of both talented groups)? These guys are hosting more shade than most forests, but most of it isn't even high quality. Guys, either get along or keep it quiet!

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