Emergency crews met a flight landing in Houston after a massive amount of passengers became suddenly ill mid-flight.

A United Airlines flight from Vancouver, Canada to Houston, Texas was carrying a large group of 75 passengers ho had just come off a cruise ship. After the flight took off, things took a chaotic turn.

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After taking off, passengers began to feel ill. 30 of the passengers, who were all a part of the cruise trip group, began to come down with flu-like symptoms.

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Many of the sick passengers became sick and felt nauseous. The illness became so intense that firefighters were called in to wait for the plane to land in Houston.

After landing, United Airlines pulled the plane and sent it to get a deep cleaning.


One unidentified was banned from a flight after having a bit of a temper tantrum. According to NBC News, the woman was asked to use an approved mask instead of her own, which was designed with fashion in mind and not health and safety. In addition, the woman was allegedly asked to replace her cloth mask with holes with an approved mask supplied by the airlines.

The woman had a bit of a fit, but eventually took the provided mask. However, the drama continued after the woman tried to secretly switch back to her unapproved cloth mask.

An employee noticed and that's when things escalated.
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