There’s no love lost between Philadelphia 76ers owner Michael Rubin and Drake. Just days after the 76ers lost to the Toronto Raptors at last Sunday’s (May 12) Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference semifinals, Rubin took some time to make a quick joke about the fabled Drake curse, quipping that the 6ix God is learning to use the powerful curse to his advantage.

“Drake is known to be cursed. He’s probably the last remaining curse in sports. Whatever products he wears ultimately that team is jinxed,” Rubin said in a Thursday (May 16) interview with CNBC.

If you didn't know, Drizzy wore Sixers shorts while watching the aforementioned Game 7, and clips of him rocking the shorts quickly made their way to social media. Fans immediately began speculating that Drizzy was trying to so he could jinx the 76ers. Rubin seems like he's in line with that theory.

"He was texting pictures [of himself] in the shorts the entire game. So I obviously I have tremendous hatred toward him for that,” Rubin joked.

Apparently, the Drake curse also affected this week’s 2019 NBA draft lottery. The New York Knicks, which had a chance to land the No. 1 draft pick, ended up with the No. 3 spot. (The top draft pick went to New Orleans Pelicans). Rubin claims that Drake was taking photos of himself wearing New York Knicks gear prior to the NBA draft.

“I could show you pictures on my phone of Drake in Knicks products,” Rubin told CNBC. “That’s how we knew they weren’t going to get the first pick — because he’s learning to manage his curse.”

Rubin might be on to something. On Wednesday (May 15), Milwaukee-based radio station 103.7 KISS-FM officially banned the Drake songs from their playlists until the 2019 NBA Eastern Conference Finals series between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors ends. Like Rubin, the radio station is mindful of Drake's powerful curse.

"He's representing the Raptors. We got to take it home with the Bucks," iHeartRadioregional programming manager Steve Powers said in a Facebook clip published on Tuesday (May 14).

It looks like it's working. The Bucks beat the Raptors 108-100 in a comeback victory to take a 1-0 lead in Conference Finals.

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