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The city of Seguin is pretty much as old as Texas. It was founded in 1838 just a year and a half after the Texas Revolution so it's pretty much been around since the beginning. The next time to are headed to San Antonio or New Braunfels you should take a look. You may have passed through to stop at ZDT Amusement or maybe you have been there to visit Max Starcke Park to enjoy the dam and waterfall (you used to be able to swim there).

Today we are going to check out an amazing Texas home that is right in the middle of the city of Seguin and has been since 1893. In fact, the Joseph Sonka House was even a hospital for a while before it became the cozy Bed and Breakfast that is actually up for sale through Anders Pierce Realty. The owners have done an amazing job with the upgrades so it may seem hard to believe that Sonka House is almost one hundred and thirty years old. Let's take a look!

The Sonka House - Seguin, Texas

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