Anyone who has ever used the public transportation system in America knows that sometimes the conditions can be less than favorable for providing a comfortable, odor-free travel experience. However, sitting next to a crowd of people that smell like an old, musty jockstrap is nothing compared to riding on a train where there is absolutely no heat and the farthouse walls are covered with snow.

That is exactly what commuters in Poland were faced with this morning on a train in route to Warsaw. “The carriage was absolutely freezing, about minus 3 degrees,” said 68-year-old passenger Artur Kaminski. “So I was huddled up with other passengers trying to keep warm.” Minus three degrees? Now, that's cold. At 32 degrees, we're ready burn the seats for heat!

The bone-chilling cold and lengthy commute eventually sent Kaminski running for the restroom. When he opened the door, he was surprised to find the toilet was covered in about 3-4 inches of snow and ice. Talk about experiencing some shrinkage.

Of course, the train’s frozen crapper was much more of an inconvenience for female passengers not skilled enough to do their business standing up. “I went to see if they could turn the heating on and he told me, ‘It’s an old train — at least there isn’t snow in the carriage,” said Agnieszka Mucha.

So, the next time you feel like complaining about the public transportation in your city, just be thankful that you do not have to put a sweater on your genitalia. Although, that's giving us some Christmas present ideas.

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