Victoria may not be a massive city, but we have some pretty cool big city vibes going on. There is always something to do here; the thing is, you may not have heard about all of them yet.

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For instance, did you know Victoria Parks and Recreation has a Pop-Up trailer that randomly goes around town and settles in, unloads, and creates a 'fun in the park' vibe where ever they land?

This thing is pretty sweet. It has spunk written all over it. You can just tell by the outside that there is fun bouncing around inside, ready to leap out at any given opportunity. There's cornhole, a giant connect four, life-size checks, and much more packed in the trailer.

Tonight you can find the pop-up trailer at Aero Crafters, located at 309 E. Crestwood Dr. The Victoria Parks and Rec. trailer will be joining Aero Crafters tonight for Romanic Movie Trivia Night.

You can skip dinner and come hungry; Aero Crafters is having a Dine-in Dinner special while you have fun. The dinner special will feature a Ribeye and steak fries for $13.99.

Pre-game before trivia during happy hour and get 1/2 off select appetizers and take advantage of their drink specials.

Gather your friends and see if you know your romantic movies. The trivia starts at 7 pm. Visit Aero Crafter website or give them a call at 361-573-4388 for more information about tonight's live trivia. If you'd like to learn more about the pop-up trailer or where it's headed next, give Victoria Parks and recreation a call at 361-485-3200.

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