Prince seems to be gearing up for another big comeback. The typically reclusive performer appears on the cover of the current issue of Billboard and has been releasing new music, including the just-issued lyric video for a song called 'Screw Driver.'

"I'm your driver, you're my screw," Prince sings in the up-tempo rock track, which weaves in a few words about love but mostly deals with music itself: "Everywhere that we go now, there's a show now / People pay money for the rock and roll / And the big wow before we bow / You can call me C.C., crowd control."

Like the recently-leaked 'Same Page, Different Book,' 'Screw Driver' feels like a throwback to the days when Prince was regularly lighting up the charts. Maybe he's feeling a little retro when it comes to songwriting these days. Or perhaps he's retrieving some of the hundreds of unreleased songs in his vault from years ago. Either way, we fully support this direction.

The song ends with a mini-guitar solo — just enough to tease us, since we know Prince is one of the greatest guitarists in the world, but he doesn't show it often enough.

The lyric video shows glimpses of Prince's new female band, which he has assembled for recent concerts and jam sessions. Luckily for listeners, some of the ladies have confirmed that more Prince music is on the way.

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