Kate Middleton is gorgeous, graceful and a royal -- and she's also a pretty normal person, aside from all that money, influence and glamour. Case in point? The girl's heels get caught like anyone else's.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were attending a St. Patrick's Day parade when Middleton's heel got caught in a sidewalk grate. A four-inch heel. In a grate. Yikes!

Classy as ever, Middleton laughed it off, yanked it out and went about being flawless and human at the same time.

Also adorable? Middleton and Prince William don't argue much, when they do, it's usually because one of them is being a sore loser.

In a new documentary called 'Our Queen,' Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo revealed that the Duchess isn't always the best sport. Ogogo says in the film, "She said when they play Scrabble they don’t usually finish a game because somebody got in a mood and slammed it shut."

Here's hoping they never get into any games with Alec Baldwin. That wouldn't possibly end well.

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