If you're interested in promoting our great city or looking for a way to volunteer in 2021, the City of Victoria is looking for you too! The City of Victoria is now looking for volunteers to join them in their newest investment in promoting all of the great things about Victoria as a volunteer for the Tourism Advisory Board, through The City of Victoria Convention & Visitors Bureau.

It's exciting to think you could be a part of helping to bring events to the community as well as offering your advice on the tourism industry and the allocation of hotel occupancy tax funds especially if you have a vested interest in areas such as arts, historic preservation and promotion, downtown businesses, attractions, sports and outdoor tourism and well as retail and education.

"The Tourism Advisory Board is hereby established for the purpose of promoting tourism and supporting the industries within the city that directly affect tourism. The Tourism Advisory Board shall advise the Convention and Visitors Bureau on such matters as may be referred to it, including the administration of grant programs, advertising, and other activities for the promotion of tourism. The Tourism Advisory Board shall be an advisory body only," offers the CVB.

The application is easy and just takes a minute. Check out the link here. The deadline to apply is Friday, November 6 at 5 pm.

What about for MUSIC LOVERS IN THE COMMUNITY? Well, the City of Victoria needs you too! The Convention & Visitors Bureau continues to seek volunteers for the Victoria Music Friendly Advisory Board too!

Be a part of all of the great things happening in VICTORIA! Apply today! If you have questions feel free to contact Joel Novosad at 361-485-3117 or jnovosad@victoriatx.gov.

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Okay, we can't even believe Victoria didn't make the list below!

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