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Here is a way to give your time to family and community.

Protect your family and friends as well as your community by volunteering for your local county fire department. Crossroads communities are in DIRE need of volunteers.

Dire need?

Yes. Our local fire departments are all in dire need of volunteers. Not just for firemen and firewomen, but even volunteers to bring water and food to firemen who have been working on assignments for hours and needing nourishment. When it comes to volunteering locally at stations, every volunteer and every hour of volunteerism is appreciated.

If not you then who?

Today, Refugio Texas Volunteer Fire Chief Ronnie Williams, came in to record a Townsquare Extra Victoria Report. It's a show that airs on Sundays at various times on all of our stations. The premise of Townsquare Extra, Victoria Report is to keep our community informed on matters that affect all of us.

What will our family, friends, and community do if there is no one to help us in a house fire or accident?

Photo courtesy of Chief Williams
Photo courtesy of Chief Williams

Chief Williams has been a volunteer with the fire department since he was 15 years old. He is celebrating 45 years as a fire department volunteer this year. We thank him for his service.

What it takes to become a volunteer fireman.

Chief Williams offers, " It might seem like a lot of hours to train, but it takes a lot of heart too." The training in fact is at no cost to the volunteer as the state has programs to help cover expenses, with a physical fitness test that you can train for as well.

"It's wearing the equipment in the summer that will really test you. I've seen a statistic that says firemen in full gear, in August, say especially in Texas, is the physical equivalent of an NFL athlete having played a full game," Chief Williams offers.

Fireman extinguishes a fire in an old wooden house

But it's worth it.

"Walking into the station and seeing someone had stopped by just to write us a note of thanks for helping their husband makes it worth it," Chief Williams says.

Where can I get more information?

If you are interested in volunteering at the station, or as a fireman, contact your local fire department on their social media pages. They would love to have you!

Townsquare Extra Victoria Report

Be sure to listen Sunday morning to hear more information from Chief Williams on how you can be a part of the program.

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