What started as a place to celebrate Halloween without the 'gore and scares' in 2016 has evolved into a magical must-visit experience that has swept across various states, and now Texas is one of them!


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Pumpkin Nights was started six years ago at the Minnesota State Fair. The concept was simple: showcase local artists and celebrate the most magical time of year- without fears and scares. The experience blew up and now Texans have the chance to experience Pumpkin Nights for themselves.


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Texas has two Pumpkin Nights locations; one in Dallas and the other in Austin, both run till October 31st. Each location is as exhilarating as the other and are a must-visit destination this season.

At Pumpkin Nights you'll explore a half-mile path and explore six pumpkin-themed lands along the way. There is an overwhelming amount of hand-carved pumpkins in every inch of this experience-we're talking over 5,000 pumpkins.


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Aside from the jaw-dropping set-up, you can watch real-life fire dancers and check out live pumpkin carving by professional artists. Of course, you can get your fair share of pumpkin treats and drinks from local vendors.

This place sells out fast so you will want to buy tickets quickly. There are no tickets for sale on-site, so you will need to purchase yours in advance on their site.

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You will need to choose your time slot when purchasing tickets. Once you are there, you are welcome to stay as long as you'd like, however, you need to stay until the sun goes down so you can get the full experience and see all the glowing pumpkins. This place is full of Instagram-worthy photos so have that camera charged.

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