Perhaps more than any other time of year, during the holidays we turn our attention to others less fortunate and look for ways to give back. There is something about Christmas that brings out the giving spirit in all of us. Christmas will be a little more merrier for children in Victoria and the crossroads area. Thanks to our sponsors and listeners here at Q 92 for donating items for families and children in the area. We were able to give to over 25 children and 10 families.

We here at Q 92 wish you the Joy and Happiness that spreads like the lights on a Christmas Tree! Merry Christmas ! Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives.

A big thanks to our sponsors: Victory Auto Group,Jimmy Zaplac, Yoga Chicks, Bubby’s, Custom Tinting, Chit Chat and Jewels, Dick's Food Store, Southern 7 Vapors, Ashley Furniture, Hair Dimensions, PJ's Seafood, Snuffers, Toys for Tots,  and many more.


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