We've been kickin' it in the beautiful Nissan Kicks for weeks!  We've talked about the intelligent mobility, but let's touch base on the comfort in this baby.

The Nissan Kicks has the comfort of home on lock down with the zero gravity seats.  Sometimes I take trips to West Texas...7 hours on the road to be exact.  These seats are designed for comfort for those longer trips.  I'll take all the help I can get!  The weather is starting to come down a notch, and thankfully the Nissan Kicks has heating for the front seats and outside mirrors. You know what that means, no more cold seats when you hop in the car.

The Nissan Kicks has more than you can imagine.  So take a ride to Nissan of Victoria, and ask for Dimitri.  Check out that all new Nissan Kicks, and ride away in comfort.


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