We have been sharing random acts of kindness all week.  One morning I was looking on facebook and came across this story from Larry Shilling. I couldn't help but share this.

This story was posted on Larry's facebook. Last night there was a knock on the door. Jayden (Larry's son) tells his dad that there is a guy that wants to talk to me. I step outside and there are several adults standing there. One man steps forward asking about the kids that play basketball in front of our house. (Yes.. our house is the local gathering point in the neighborhood). I bring Kim and Jayden outside. The whole time I am thinking to myself  well this is where the complaints start rolling in... they hit someone's truck, etc. The guy asks Jayden a simple question. Do you know whose birthday is on Dec 25th? Jayden simply but surely states Jesus. The guys opens his back door and hands Jayden a basketball. He then has Jayden drop the tailgate of his truck. These two families noticed all the kids playing basketball and the goal had finally given out after many patches and work to repair.They went out and bought the neighborhood a new basketball goal. WOW!!!!! Jayden was literally trying to catch his breath. We talked and give each other hugs and thank you all around. Once inside Jayden begins to tear up,  he looks at me and tells me "God is good and so are his kids." Take time this season and look around you, share a smile, a hug,a kind word  from age 1 to 100. These are the most precious of gifts.. Merry Christmas!!!

Thank you Larry for letting me share your story. This is one of the best random acts of kindness I've heard.



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