What's this? Bogus water sampling kits?

The City of Victoria has issued a recent civic alert that multiple Victoria County residents found "water sampling" kits delivered to their doorsteps which the City of Victoria wants you to know are BOGUS and were not issued by the City of Victoria.

In a recent Civic Alert which you read in its entirety here, the City of Victoria and the City of Victoria Public Works warned residents, "The City of Victoria has received multiple calls from residents reporting they received water sampling kits delivered to their doorsteps with instructions to collect water samples for testing"

"These kits are not authorized by the City or affiliated with the City in any way," the City of Victoria and Victoria Public Works offered.

According to the civic alert, the City of Victoria Public Works reached out to the Environmental Working Group, the organization whose website is listed on a form provided with the kits, and a representative said the organization did not distribute the kits and has no affiliation with them. Environmental Working Group offers on its website that its mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. They also offer that "with breakthrough research and education, they drive consumer choice and civic action."

So without the EWG's acknowledgment, no one is sure at this point where the water sampling kits came and it remains a mystery at this time.

Why does this remind us so much of the mystery China seeds? Hmmm...

Victorians take note: The City of Victoria periodically conducts water sampling at residents’ homes. However, the City will always send a letter to the residence using the official City of Victoria letterhead, and the resident will be contacted directly by a City of Victoria employee before sampling takes place.

Residents who have questions about water sampling or water quality can contact Public Works at 361-485-3381.

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