Texans have been behind the state's 'Don't Mess with Texas' initiative for several decades now. Celebrities of all shapes and sizes have been a part of the 'Don't Mess with Texas' campaign against littering. From Willie Nelson to Matthew McConaughey, the message has been consistent and easy to understand.

The Best of 'Don't Mess With Texas'

If you don't remember the McConaughey contribution to the 'Don't Mess With Texas' campaign it's ok. Some people say his commercial was banned for various reasons. Perhaps the state did not want Texans hiding in the woods with blow darts, handing out justice on their own terms to litterbugs throughout the state. I still laugh through when it comes up.

Report Litterbugs with the New Portal

The Lone Star State is introducing a new portal to make it easier to report those who litter in public places. As you enjoy the summer of 2021, a quick and easy submission form is now up at the site DontMessWithTexas.ORG.

The submission form on the site asks for the litterbug's license plate number, the make, and model of the vehicle, the date and time you saw the offense, and what was thrown out the window. Beer cans, cups, cigarette butts, and anything else being left anywhere but inside the trash can be reported here.

What Happens to the Litterbugs?

There's no worse feeling than being caught red-handed. The state of Texas will turn your report from their web portal into an embarrassing announcement from TxDOT that shows up in the litterbug's mailbox. They'll be able to see the details submitted through the portal that will remind them of exactly where they were and what was left behind when the offense took place. TXDOT will also send the litterbug a 'litterbag' with the "Don't Mess with Texas" message on it to remind them of what to do next time.

You'll have the satisfaction of knowing you took the time to speak up for our State and the efforts of so many to keep it clean and enjoyable for all.

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