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We just don't get it. How can Texas have such a low ranking on this list?!?!

2022's Best States to Retire

I mean come on! Texas was nominated as the most popular state in the US to move to in 2021. You can check that article out below. So how can you be the number one state people moved to in America in 2021 but also on the ranking of states NOT TO RETIRE in 2022?

Obviously, whoever was polled for this list has never been to Texas! It's the greatest state eva'! Too over the top? Ummm hello, Whataburger, The Alamo, BBQ, and the Live Music Capital of the World. Need I say more?

Colorado Ranked Number 3 on States to Retire

Colorado is a cold snowy NOOOOO  for me and here are even more reasons why you should never ever move to Colorado at least according to Nowhere Dairy on Youtube.

Florida ranked Number One. Sigh.

Y'all the humidity in Florida ranks at 74.5 percent. Texas is 64.9. COME ON!

Here are lots more reasons why you should NOT move to Florida, from a Floridian. Just check out Michael Bordenaro's Youtube video below. Fine, he also does lots of videos on why you should move to Florida here too.

The Worst State to Retire in 2022?

Okay well, we didn't fare as poorly at New Jersey at least. New Jersey ranks at 50 making them the worst state to retire. This guy Briggs gets around. Check out The World According to Briggs video on Jersey on Youtube. I'm not even going to look to see if he did a video about Texas.

You can read the entire article on 2022's Best Places to Retire from Wallethub here.

How In the World Did Texas Score Low on This List

Where did Texas rank?

Texas ranks 34.


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