Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rihanna. The singer is mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother, Clara Dolly Braithwaite, who died this weekend. She passed away from cancer.

RiRi took to Twitter to share plenty of photos of her grandmother, whom she clearly loved deeply. While Ri is very generous and shares plenty of sexy and provocative photos of herself with the Rihanna Navy through her social media networks, she flooded her feed with intimate, personal images of her grandmother.

WENN reports that Braithwaite died in New York City and that her body will be flown home to Barbados for services.

Go here to see several shots of Rihanna snuggling up to her grandmother over the years.

Perhaps the loss of Gran Gran Dolly might explain why Ri’s performance at the Peace & Love Festival at Sweden on Saturday (June 30) was somewhat disastrous.

It is reported that she was 45 minutes late hitting the stage and that she may or may not have been in an intoxicated state. Some fans walked out and she committed a major geographical faux pas by dedicating her cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ to Norway … since she was actually in Sweden! She had played in Norway to the night before.

We’ve heard of getting your days and nights mixed up, but in this case, Ri had her countries confused. She likely had a lot on her mind with her grandmother near death, so she should be forgiven for a less-than-stellar performance due to personal circumstances.

Below is Rihanna’s sweet and heartfelt tweet acknowledging the passing, referencing her as “Gran Gran Dolly.”


Rihanna also received condolences from Joyce Hawkins, aka Mom Breezy, who tweeted: “ANGEL MAY GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY IN YOUR TIME OF SORROW. LOVE YOU ANGEL.” Ri and Joyce remain close, which should spark more rumors of her underground reunion and romance with Chris Brown.

R.I.P. to Rihanna’s grandmother.

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