Down here in Texas, where the heat feels like it's trying to melt the pavement and the humidity is off the charts, folks are dealing with a downright gross problem—roach infestations. Believe it or not, two of the most roach-ridden cities in the whole country are right here in the Lone Star State.



H-Town, a city known for its resilience and diversity, now leads a rather repulsive list, with a staggering 37% of homes displaying signs of cockroach infestations in the past 12 months. The culprits? The relentless heat and oppressive humidity that residents despise, but roaches, it seems, revel in.

Houston faces not one, but two formidable foes: the big, brown, and airborne American cockroach, ominously known as the palmetto bug, and the crafty German cockroach, which stealthily infiltrates kitchens, pantries, and sinks.


Residents are left with the arduous task of fortifying their homes against these unwanted guests—sealing entry points, eliminating crumbs, and fixing leaky pipes become essential weapons in this war against the resilient roaches. 



But Houston isn't alone in its roach-ridden woes. San Antonio takes the unenviable second spot, with 28.32% of homes tainted by the presence of these revolting pests. 

As the roaches skitter away from the freezing temperatures that plague northern states, Texans are urged to make their homes less inviting. With cleanliness as the first line of defense and a barrier spray at doorways, Texans strive to prevent these unwanted critters from moving in and making themselves at home, especially as winter approaches, where the cold outside becomes a beacon for roaches seeking warmth within.

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