Rosario Dawson came out as a member of the LGBTQ community.

The Briarpatch actress made the announcement during an interview with Bustle, posted on February 14. Dawson did not label her sexuality and explained the meaning of her past viral LGBTQ appreciation social media post that made fans believe she had already come out as an LGBTQ person.

The 40-year-old spoke about her viral Instagram post in 2018 where she seemingly came out as a member of the community while promoting Pride Month. "Happy pride month," she wrote. "Sending love to my fellow lgbtq+ homies. Keep being strong in the face of adversity. Loud & proud. Here’s a lil [sic] throwbyke [sic] to last year."

"People kept saying that I [came out]... I didn’t do that," she clarified to the outlet. "I mean, it’s not inaccurate, but I never did come out come out. I mean, I guess I am now." She added, "I’ve never had a relationship in that space, so it’s never felt like an authentic calling to me."

Dawson told the outlet that she has been happily dating Sen. Cory Booker since October of 2018.

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