With the Coronavirus patients being quarantined on their return trips from China, the virus has, unfortunately, has had time to spread. If you want a good idea of how viruses spread, there are several guides in medical journals, published works by doctors, videos from the CDC and even some video games. One such game on disease spreading is called Pandemic II (it is an interesting game if you try not to think about the current issues we are having with the Coronavirus) and you can name your very epidemic.

Canada Unveils Coronavirus Quarantine Facility For Canadians Returning From China
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Coronavirus was first confirmed in the state of Texas on Thursday. The patient was reported to be a passenger on a flight to the San Antonio Air Base from the Hubai Providence in China on February 7th. However, of all the passengers on the plane (numbering to 91), only one person showed symptoms of having contracted the Corona Virus. While only one person has shown the symptoms, the other passengers of the flight will be held until February 20th as a precaution so authorities can verify whether they are at risk or not. For more information on the Corona Virus in San Antonio, click here.

Now, contrary to what we may know about previous dealings with Coronavirus because we have had cases of this in the past, this is a new form of Coronavirus that the CDC has yet to completely identify at the moment but they are working diligently on an answer. Right now, the known symptoms are coughing, fever and shortness of breath. I know that doesn't help because those three symptoms are associated with so many other sicknesses/diseases, but be mindful of what's going on so you can avoid getting sick.

If you want a good idea of how dangerous this new strand of Coronavirus is, watch the video below...

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